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 Vision, Mission & Core Value


To be a leading Engineering organization in the study, development and management of energy and infrastructure sector with excellence in providing cost-effective, innovative and quality services maintaining high efficiency, reliability and accuracy.


• To be a competitive engineering service provider, delivering cutting-edge solutions. • To provide innovative engineering solutions and superior project supervision.

• To be committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

• To maximize value for all stakeholders and foster long-term partnership.

• To adhere to government rules & regulations, ensuring compliance & ethical practices.

Core Values

• Customer-oriented: We prioritize understanding our customers’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations.

• Transparent: We are transparent in our business.

• Committed to Deadlines: We strive to meet all deadlines without exception.

• Proactive: We explore and look for every possibility for solutions to improve our business by improving our customer’s business.

• Team Work: We foster a collaborative work environment based on mutual respect, trust, and effective communication to achieve remarkable results.

2. History

A group of professional Engineers with extensive experience

in the field of design, construction and operation of hydropower projects, came together in 2005 to study and design hydropower projects with a intense on small and medium size projects. Later, as the energy need of the nation grew for the construction of larger projects, we went on expanding our group. To match the pace of the development, TAC Hydro Engineers was established, which then expanded into TAC Hydro Consultancy.

3. Why Choose Us?


At present, our team’s expertise extends beyond hydropower projects to encompass tunnel, transmission line, road, environment, irrigation and water resources projects. With a customer-centric approach, we deliver tailored solutions that prioritize innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Our technical expertise, careful attention to detail, and commitment to exceptional outcomes make us the ideal choice for your engineering and infrastructure needs. Trust TAC Hydro Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. to be your reliable partner, dedicated to achieving outstanding results in every project we undertake.

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7. Project Development



Due Diligence Study, Project monitoring & Bill Verification. 

Likhu-1 Hydropower Project is a run-off-river scheme located in the Ramechhap and Solukhumbu Districts of Bagmati Province in Nepal. It is being constructed by PAN Himalaya Energy Ltd. The project has an installed capacity of 77 MW. The Likhu Khola, a left tributary of the Sunkoshi River, is the primary river utilized for generating hydroelectric power. Additionally, the project also utilizes the Nupche Khola and Bikhe Khola through conventional side intakes. Currently, the Likhu-1 Hydroelectric Project is in the final stage of construction.

Tac Construction
Tac Construction



Topographical Survey and Feasibility Study. Mathillo Inkhu Khola

Jalbidhyut Aayojana is situated on the Inkhu River, in the Solukhumbu district of Koshi Province in Nepal. This project is a cascade project of Super Inkhu Khola Jalbidhyut Aayojana. The total installed capacity of the Mathillo Inkhu Khola Jalbidhyut Aayojana is 33.20 MW. The design discharge is 7.24 m3/sec. The project has 4015 m length of waterway tunnel of diameter 2.8m and underground circular surge shaft of diameter 6m. Two units of Pelton Turbine each of capacity 16.75 MW is housed in underground powerhouse.


Feasibility Study and Initial Environment Examination (IEE) Study. 

(Lower Chameliya Hydropower Project) is located on the Chameliya River in the Darchula and Baitadi Districts of the Sudur Paschim Province in Nepal. It is a peaking run-off river project and is cascade project of NEA’s (Nepal Electricity Authority) Chameliya Hydroelectric Project (CHEP). The project’s headworks are situated at a catchment area of 1084 km2. With a gross head of approximately 67.35 meters and a design discharge of 36.38 cubic meters per second, the installed capacity of LCHP is 20.00 MW. The design discharge and turbine discharge for LCHP are the same as in CHEP, as it receives diverted tailrace water from CHEP.

8. Project Engineering


Detailed Engineering Design of project including Design of Access Road, Tender Document Preparation and Bid Evaluation. The Kasuwa Khola Hydropower Project is a Peaking Run-of-River (PROR) type project situated in the Makalu Rural Municipality of the Sankhuwasabha District, Koshi Province, Nepal. Located in the pristine Makalu Barun National Park, it utilizes the Kasuwa Khola, a tributary of the Arun River, and receives significant water inflow from the Hinsa Khola. With a gross head of 560 meters and a design discharge of 9.9 m3/s, the project covers a catchment area of 85.97 km2. Its 45MW capacity and PROR design enable it to supply additional power to the grid during peak demand, contributing to a reliable electricity supply.


Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation and Bid Evaluation. The Madhya Chameliya Hydropower Project (MCHP) is a Run-of-River type project located in the Chameliya River in the Darchula district of Sudur Paschim Province, Nepal. It has an available gross head of approximately 136.26 m and a design discharge of 25.17 m3/sec diverted into two horizontal axis Francis units via 3.8 m diameter of buried steel pipe. With these parameters, the project has an installed capacity of 28.00 MW, aiming to harness the river’s energy potential for sustainable electricity generation.



Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation and
Bid Evaluation of Transmission Line. The Madkyu Khola Hydropower Project is a run-of-river hydroelectric plant situated in the Kaski District of Nepal. It harnesses the flow of the Madkyu River to generate 13 MW of electricity, with a design discharge of 3.71 cubic meters per second. The plant is owned and developed by Sikles Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. It commenced electricity generation on the Nepali calendar date 2074-12-19 BS. The power station is connected to the national grid and the electricity generated is sold to the Nepal Electricity Authority.

9. Project Management


Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision &
Quality Control. The Liping Khola Hydropower Project, developed by Him River Power Limited, is a 16.26 MW Run-of-River project located in Sindhupalchowk District, Bagmati Province, Nepal. It utilizes a design discharge of 2.45 m3/s from the Liping Khola River. With a gross head of 817 meters, the project aims to generate 94.40 GWhr of net annual energy output. It will contribute significantly to Nepal’s energy generation capacity and meet the region’s growing electricity demand once completed.


Construction Supervision and Quality Control. Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. has developed the 5.00 MW Ghatte Khola Hydroelectric Project in Dolakha District, Bagmati Province, Nepal. It operates as a run-of-river scheme, utilizing the flow of Ghatte Khola, a tributary of Khare/Khani Khola. With a design discharge of 1.78 m3/s and a net head of 322.5 meters, the project has successfully connected to the national grid line, contributing to Nepal’s renewable energy infrastructure and promoting sustainable development while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

10. Specialized Work (Hydromechanical & Electromechanical)


Detailed Hydro-Mechanical Design. Mewa Developers Limited has developed the 73.5 MW peaking (daily peaking of 6 hours) run-of-river type Middle Mewa Hydropower Project in Taplejung District, Koshi Province, Nepal. Project Salient features include a gross head of 471.47 m, 5,341 m headrace tunnel of 5,341 m length, and design discharge of 19.32 m3/s. The project is expected to generate 436.08 GWh of electricity.


Detailed Hydro-Mechanical Design. Nilgiri Khola Hydropower Company Ltd has developed 38 MW Nilgiri-1 and 71 MW Nilgiri-2 hydroelectric projects located in Annapurna Rural municipality-4, Narchyang of Myagdi district, Nepal. The electricity generated from the Nilgiri River will be connected to the Dana substation at a distance of 8.5 km through a 220 kV transmission line.


Detailed Hydro-Mechanical Design. Mewa Khola Hydroelectric Project has developed by United Mewa Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd is a run-of-river type project using design discharge of 33.0 m3/sec and gross head of 198.78 m located in Taplejung district of Koshi- Province of Nepal. Three units each of 16.7 MW capacity are proposed to generate the designed output of 50 MW. The Mewa River is the tributary of Tamor River. The project is expected to generate 317.47 GWh of electricity. 



Design Review and Erection Supervison of Gates. Sikta Irrigation Project is one of largest irrigation Project of Nepal and the National Pride Projects of Nepal. The project aims to irrigate about 43,000 hectares of land in Banke district. The intake is in the Rapti River in western Nepal. There are two canals with the capacity of 50 m3/s each. The length of canal is 45.25 kilometers in the western section and 53 kilometers in the eastern section.