Geomatics Engineer, 1 Position

Are you a promising Geomatics Engineer eager to embark on a rewarding journey in a leadership capacity? TAC Hydro Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is in search of a talented and enthusiastic Geomatics Engineer to become an integral part of our vibrant team. If you possess a strong interest in geomatics engineering and excel in overseeing intricate projects from inception to execution in a pivotal role, then this opening is tailor-made for you!

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Plan, coordinate and perform survey work from inception to completion, including defining project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
  • Utilize advanced surveying instruments, including total stations, level machines, and drones to collect and record precise data.
  • Perform drone surveys to capture aerial imagery and topographic data. Analyse and process drone-captured data using Pix4D or other relevant software and GIS software to create detailed maps and assess vegetation indices.
  • Utilize GIS software to organize, manipulate, and present geographic data. Develop GIS databases, perform spatial analysis, and create maps for various projects and applications.
  • Support the design team with topographic information, layout preparation, detailed design, and drafting works.
  • Implement quality assurance measures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of spatial data and maps. Conduct quality control checks on survey data, GIS datasets, and mapping products.
  • Stay up to date with relevant laws, regulations, and standards governing geomatics and land surveying activities. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical standards in all aspects of work.
  • Prepare technical reports, maps and drawings related to surveying activities.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Geomatics or Survey Engineering.
  • Enthusiastic with knowledge in fundamental aspects of surveying engineering principles, and techniques methodologies and eager to learn and update.
  • Ability to analyze spatial data, interpret maps, and perform spatial analysis using various techniques.
  • Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Flexibility to work in remote locations and travel as required is a must.

Join us at TAC Hydro Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. as a Geomatics Engineer specializing in geospatial technology, and contribute your expertise to the successful execution of hydropower projects. Your knowledge and insights will play a crucial role in ensuring accurate mapping, surveying, and spatial analysis, enhancing the overall quality of our projects.